Device – Interactive Experience
SDG  10. Reduced Inequalities
Team Quentin Maniguet, Derek Knowles
Designed in 2018
Degree of maturity – Published
_ Challenge

To foster sharing between generations. The stigmatization of the elderly in our western societies obsessed by youthfulness is something that cannot be denied. Once they reach a certain stage, older people drift into a kind of isolation, shunned, forgotten or simply ignored by their friends and family. And yet some of the answers to the questions we ask ourselves today could well be found in their experiences.


_ Approach & Solution

With its well though-out, pared-down, filmography ambiance, 63+ sees itself as a bridge between generations, in which the assembled stories inspire and stimulate exchanges over a break.

Why 63+? Think of the number of times you exchange every day with your friends, co-workers, local storekeepers, on social media… It’s probably in the hundreds. Now count how many of these exchanges involve people over the age of 63, the age at which people become “senior citizens” in most countries. You’ll probably see that the percentage is extremely small. Indeed, studies have shown that the gap between people considered elderly and youngsters is widening, condemning the former to isolation, oblivion even. Yet, given their life histories and experiences, these people unquestionably have a lot to tell and teach us. They can surely prove that we have a lot more in common than we might believe.

A Place For Exchanging Life Stories. In 63+, short videos show men and women who have something to tell us: an anecdote, an ordeal, a piece of advice, life fragments that illustrate the universal nature of human experience. Visitors are invited to sign up to start a dialog with the players, under the watchful eye of the website moderators. Thus, Lars from Copenhagen tells us about the day in 1972 when he and his girlfriend went to see Jimi Hendrix in a small stadium near his home, while explaining that they were really young at the time. And Fleur Marie from Apt, who shares her experience of becoming an adult in a two-minute video, which received feedback from Eugénie, 25, André, 30, and Théo, 31, with questions that Fleur Marie has already answered in sound clips available online. The dialog is up and running!



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